Thursday, May 7, 2009


Congratulations Mrs. Cabot for your release of "Being Nikki" which hit the shelves on the 5th!! Lets all give her a round of applause :)

I hope that you enjoy this book, I loved it and will continue reading the series!!

Be sure to get your posts in, contest ends on the 10!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Being Nikki" and "Airhead" bookmarks!!

If you love to read, then you most likely love to use bookmarks while reading them right? Who wants folded bunny ears in your prized book anyways?

If you love bookmarks, then this might be the perfect contest for you!!

-1 "Being Nikki" bookmarks
-1 "Airhead" bookmarks!

How to win:
Write a few sentences on what type of lifestyle you would want to be transferred into if you got a whole new body, but still had the same brain? You can write as much as you want, or as little as you want, however the best entry wins!!

April 10th!

And if you haven't already, be sure to make a post on your blog about the wonderful "Being Nikki" contest below for more entries into that contest!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What would be your "symbol"

If your body died, but your brain was still alive so your brain was taken out of your former body and put into a new body that was still alive, but the brain was dead (which is Nikki Howards case), and you weren't allowed to tell any of the people you used to know that you are still alive, even though you really are still alive only in a new body, what "symbol" would you be able to give or show to, say, your best friend to let them know what really happened without saying anything? In "Airhead" (the first book in this series) Nikki plops a pair of glow in the dark dinosaur stickers to her former best friend to show him that she was still really alive.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lorie Ann Grover Guest Blogs!

Lorie Ann Grover, author of "On Pointe" as well as "Hold Me Close", is so sweet and answered this question for "In Nikki's Head" blog! Thank you!

Would you continue to write books if you were transformed into a supermodel?

I absolutely would HAVE to continue writing if I were a supermodel. After the work on the runway, I'd download by myself through writing! I considered a modeling career because I am six feet tall, but I chose to stick with my passion for ballet. It did pay off as I became a member of the Miami Ballet Company!

This question reminds me of Melissa Walker's Violet series. I love her character struggling through the modeling world. And I love the thought of Melissa the writer in the center of the fashion industry in NYC. It's so fun to see into her world through her newsletter and website, iheartdaily.
I've worked with Meg Cabot and just had the pleasure of meeting her in Texas. What a delight she is! She's real and accessible in the midst of her amazing career. Here are the readergirlz co-founders with Meg: Left to right: Lorie Ann Grover, Meg Cabot, Dia Calhoun, and Justina Chen Headley
And here are best wishes for
Being Nikki! ~Lorie Ann Grover

You can visit Lorie on her blog, here:

Being Nikki Contest!!!

Do YOU want a chance to win an ARC copy of "Being Nikki" AND a signed by Meg Cabot copy of "Airhead??" If so, keep on reading!!

Meg Cabot's wonderful publicist has donated two copies each of an ARC of "Being Nikki" and a signed copy of "Airhead!" Thanks!, how do you win? Read on!

Every comment that you post from now until May 10th (5 days after "Being Nikki" is released!) will be counted as one entry. However, your comments must be something that is pertaining to the post and you can not just say "enter me please!" Also, only one comment per a post will count!

+5: If you make a post on your blog about "In Nikki's Head" blog. Please include a link in your post, as well as one in your comment here so I can see it!

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I hope that you enjoy this contest and this blog! "Airhead" and "Being Nikki" are both fabulous books by Meg Cabot, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

Note: Sorry but this contest is not international! Its only for U.S.A addresses!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Book Review #1: "Being Nikki"

Book: “Being Nikki”

Author: Meg Cabot

Rating: 4 out of 5

Cover Rating: 4.5 out of 5


What would you do if you were a normal high school girl living a pretty good life, when all of a sudden you’ve got a body of a supermodel? That’s what happened to Em Watts – or should I say Nikki? Nikki is back in Meg Cabot’s new “Being Nikki” and who new that the former Nikki’s life could have been so messed up? When Em finds out that Nikki had a brother when he shows up in her apartment building and tells her that his Mother is missing, Nikki and her friends try to find his mother, but will the be able to do it? And at the same time Em is juggling her love emotions over her former best friend Christopher, but he doesn’t know that she is still alive only in a different body and is trying to seek revenge of Stark Enterprises, which he sees is the reason that his best friend is so called dead. And when Nikki finds out that the former Nikki that was said to have died because of a rare amorism might just be alive….well, find out what happens next by reading “Being Nikki” by Meg Cabot!

I was really excited when I got “Being Nikki” because I have read the first in the series, “Airhead” and loved it! I don’t think that the sequel was quite as good, but a lot of times they aren’t. Nikki’s life was so exciting and unpredictable, you never new what would happen next, if you would predict one thing, something totally different could happen! Meg Cabot’s writing is fabulous and she really knows how to capture a reader and get them to keep reading – I was up until 1:00 A.M. last night reading it! I thought that at times the story was a little bit slow though. I really did like this book though and will keep reading this series!


You may have read, "Airhead" by Meg Cabot already, and I advise, if you haven't, to do so!

This guest blog is dedicated to "Being Nikki", the second in the "Airhead" series. For the next few weeks there will be contests, reviews, and author posts! So, stay tuned and keep reading!